Hello I Am RAJAL, Ex-VP & Global Head of ATOS,
a French MNC, one of the world’s biggest IT Service Companies with @120,000+ employees in 72 countries & known for successfully managing IT for all Olympics so far

Happy to share 7 Questions asked recently  by    Jonno White  for
my leadership journey as a Global Sr Executive of a Large Enterprise.

I would describe myself as a Hands-on Leader, a Visionary Business Technologist & known to be a Level Headed, Fun-loving and Result oriented Global Sr. executive who manages from the LEFT and LEADs from the RIGHT.


My hallmark is the ability to merge pragmatism with VISION ! And then turning the vision into RESULTS through a well-coached TEAM ~!


I have been in transformational leadership roles & delivered excellence for 10 years in an American global company CITICORP's Global Finance Service's (Tech & Innovation) COSL & for 20 years in a European global IT company ATOS.


I have extensively travelled across the world for 25+ years for my local & global roles and worked remotely from Paris HQ-office and my India-home-office for @10 years.


Interestingly, I bring with me 15 years of a very rare combination of proven LEADERSHIP & COACHING experience !! 

I became a certified coach in 2005 while I was leading ATOS-India business units as a profit centre head for @10 years - recording 30 % yr-by-yr- business growth with 20+% net profit & all the while maintaining a happy global client base.


Hence I was invited (first woman & Indian) to be a part of the ATOS global leadership team (GSL) back in 2009.

Then as a VP & Global Head at ATOS (with 110,000+ people in 73 countries), I pioneered two global functions (Global Portfolio & Knowledge management). 

I enjoyed steering & influencing in a VUCA global matrix environment by coaching & leading globally distributed team across 73 countries, reporting to a French CEO & a German CTO, and exceeding joint Global targets consistently for @ 10 years.

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" 50 Most Impactful Knowledge Management Professionals"

Honor issuer : The GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT CONGRESS  : World Education Congress 

Ocean Rocks

 My philosophy - I have learned hardway !

Be calmly active
BE Actively Calm


Be Intentional
Be Mindful
be Still