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Forbes expert panel recommendations 

My published thought leadership articles 

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How To Help Others Manage Grief: 16 Lessons For Business Leaders

(1) Based on my LEADERSHIP journey to gain True  GRAVITAS. 

"Seven Ways To Enhance Your Gravitas Yet Keep Your Sense Of Self" 

(2) My time-tested 10 TIPs from my 10 years of successfully leading a global work-from-anywhere team  :
"A Proven Playbook For Successfully Leading A Work-From-Anywhere Team"

(3) Are You Delegating Or Empowering Or Both ? Here's How To Find Out 

(4) Growth Mindset: An Underestimated Game Changer For Leaders

5) Five Actionable Tips For Embracing A Coaching Leadership Style 

6) Three Questions To Ask To Determine If Coaching Is Improving Your Leadership Development

I happily shared my answers to 7 Questions asked recently  by    Jonno White  for my leadership journey as a Global Sr Executive of a Large Enterprise.

(7) Intentional Personal Development: A Game-Changer For Leaders Of Today And Tomorrow

I was happy to share my answers to interesting questions for LEADING GREAT WORKPLACES: Episode 20 by Anda Goseco, ICF-PCC, TOP 3 Best APAC Coach 2021.


➡️How I discovered gravitas, why I feel strongly about it, and why leaders need it

➡️ How I faced adversities in my professional life as a woman

➡️ My top 5 tips to be an effective leader

➡️ The importance of mastering the mind

 5 min read

(8) 7 tips for Strengthening your Strategic Muscles 

My Upcoming Article :-

5 tips to refine your strategy to avoid the strategy-to-execution gap in new normal

I Enjoyed Happily answering 7 questions from Women Entrepreneurs, during an Event by The Economic Times, Femina and Edge :- For the GAMECHANGERS OF TOMORROW...

  My Forbes thought leadership articles/podcast/interviews

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