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I am a leadership coach & strategist 

Founder & CEO of GRAVITAS


lead valuably

As a gravitas coach, I aim to amplify the exponential effect of synergistic and reflective partnership with leaders in expanding thinking and evoking inner awareness with new learnings to cultivate gravitas while integrating a touch of humour.


Being an active member of both HBR Advisory Council & FORBES Council, choosing the right best management practices from both, and  tailoring/combining the right coaching methodologies (Dr MGSCC, ICF, Masterful coaching), I curate the frame work to suit their needs. It's not - fit for all – approach.

Interestingly, I am bringing with me @15 years of a very rare combination of proven LEADER-COACH experience !


My hallmark is the ability to (●'◡'●) transform leaders, with a gentle nudge to become the best version of themselves, unlocking their potential, based on their uniqueness and strengths. The opportunity to journey with them, while they discover their highest potential, is a gift ~


They not only gain perspectives on how to navigate through current situations but also discover their inner resources and build the leadership capacity necessary for a long-term success. 

Leaders can balance their outside appearance with inside solidity to gain triple win (personal-professional-business) benefits while they increase their leadership impact & agility

I am a PHILOMATH and try adding value to anybody interacting with me

I am joyful and full of life. My core aim is  to live life queen size -  Life Ko ACE Karo !

Having grown through conquering many adversities, a growth mindset has been a consciously practiced philosophy for me. I have redefined my identity to turn every adversity into an asset.


You only see a part of me. The part that is rooted in my different roles, not in my soul. All that’s unseen completes me, and from there I draw my strength.


2020 Was The Year of The Pivot For me too.  

  • I founded GRAVITAS for leadership coaching. Coaching was not a career path, but a calling..I found my MOJO~

In a nutshell, being a life long learner, I have a natural flair for interacting with leaders - of today and tomorrow.


I enjoy nurturing my curious mind & that of others through coaching.

Certifications & Qualifications

  • Masterful Coaching for Sr Leadership from Coaching Foundation Inc, USA (2005)

  • Coaching For Results from Harvard Business School (2013)

  • NLP Core Techniques from iGeniee Concepts Pvt Ltd (2014)

  • The Mind Control Techniques from SILVA PSYCHORIENTOLOGY, USA (2014)

  • Certified Global Leadership & Team Coach (2020)

  • Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Leadership & Team Coach (2020)

  • Grow More Coach from ICF approved program (2020) 

  • Certified Global Leadership Assessment Coach (GLS-360) (2020)

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC ) from International Coach Federation (ICF) (2021)

  •  B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA 

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People from FRANKLIN COVEY CO, USA (2014)

  • Emotional Intelligence leadership from Daniel Goleman (1995)

  • The Future of Marketing from Dr. PHILIP KOTLER (2013)

  • Citicorp Finance Professional from CITICORP (1992)

  • Certified Quality Analyst from QAI, USA (1995)

  • CPIM Supply Chain Management from APICS, USA (1998)