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Hello, I am RAJAL
I am a certified Leadership/Team Coach, Mentor & Board Member, a visionary Business Technologist, a pragmatic Business Alchemist and a hybrid-remote-model expert.

WOMEN ENTREPRENEUR INDIA awarded me as one of the TOP 10 COR​PORATE WOMEN LEADERS - 2023 for deep industry expertise and technical know-how of the chosen women leaders and their impact on the Indian business landscape.




HBR Advisory Council Member

lead valuably
LEAD influentially 


I admire Peter Drucker - Management Guru, Author and Professor of Management. I love his famous quote “Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership.”


I strongly believe that Leadership can make or break an organization. The best technology & business process are ineffective in the absence of effective leaders who cannot develop themselves (both personally & professionally) and also a leadership pipeline with a human-centric approach. 

Interestingly, I am bringing with me @15 years of a very rare combination of proven LEADER-COACH-MENTOR experience to enable you turn the page or start a new chapter today !

As a result-oriented hands-on transformational leader, I can anticipate & deeply empathize with the leadership challenges of rapidly scaling organizations. Also I recognize & foresee ‘what got them here will not get them there’. 

With a knack of spotting spark in people, my niche, as a CEO Whisperer & CXO influencer is to enable organization to move from ‘good to great’ by harnessing the abilities of high potentials working across disciplines and professional boundaries with a holistic GRAVITAS HALLMARK© framework curated based on my experience of building a mindful strategic leadership capacity both locally & globally, with "guide them to fish approach".


Being an active member of both HBR Advisory Council & FORBES Coaches Council, GRAVITAS flagship offerings are curated choosing the right best management practices and latest trends from both.


As a strategist & business growth expert, I partner with corporate and entrepreneur leadership to decode and simplify their strategic initiatives, untie the knots in their heads and able to provide different perspective, developing a sharp awareness, knowledge and skill to sense what is within their control, and what they have to relinquish control of to achieve exemplary business results. I aim to skillfully empower them with the indelible trait of picking the right battles to fight and win the war.


Having worked in various countries, with incredibly diverse, talented team, I also specialize in intercultural coaching, which is key today to excel in multicultural and complex environments.

In a nutshell, being a life long learner, I have a natural flair for interacting with leaders - of today and tomorrow.

I enjoy nurturing my curious mind & that of others through coaching.

I am a PHILOMATH and try adding value to anybody interacting with me

I am joyful and full of life person. My core aim is  to live life queen size -  Life Ko ACE Karo !

Having grown through conquering many adversities, a growth mindset has been a consciously practiced philosophy for me. I have redefined my identity to turn every adversity into an asset.


You only see a part of me. The part that is rooted in my different roles, not in my soul. All that’s unseen completes me, and from there I draw my strength.


I founded GRAVITAS for Leadership Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring. It was not a career path, but a calling..

I found my MOJO~ and hence loved designing and creating this website myself from scratch ~

Certifications & Qualifications

  •  B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA 

  • Masterful Coaching for Sr Leadership from Coaching Foundation Inc, USA (2005)

  • Coaching For Results from Harvard Business School (2013)

  • NLP Core Techniques from iGeniee Concepts Pvt Ltd (2014)

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People from FRANKLIN COVEY CO, USA (2014)

  • The Mind Control Techniques from SILVA PSYCHORIENTOLOGY, USA (2014)

  • Certified Quality Analyst from QAI, USA (1995)

  • CPIM Supply Chain Management from APICS, USA (1998)

  • Certified Global Leadership & Team Coach (2020)

  • Citicorp Finance Professional from CITICORP (1992)

  • Certified Global Leadership Assessment Coach (GLS-360) (2020)

  • ​Dr Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Leadership & Team Coach (2020)

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC ) from International Coach Federation (ICF) (2021)

  • Grow More Coach from ICF approved program (2020) 

  • Emotional Intelligence leadership from Daniel Goleman (1995)

  • The Future of Marketing from Dr. PHILIP KOTLER (2013)

  • Certified Board Director from IICA, India (2022)

  • Certified Mentor from Virginia Tech, USA (2023)

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