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At GRAVITAS - You can curate desired leadership effectiveness pyramid for you, your team, your organization from a suit of strategic, tactical, foundational, operational and behavioural offerings in line with your leadership development program purpose, organization vision, culture, mind-set, learning pace, capacity, values, budget and a long term aspiration.

GRAVITAS HALLMARK© framework would enable

  • To set an intention on the WHAT with highly integrative masterclass, training, mentoring, facilitating, brain- storming, consulting, workshops etc

  • HOW to build mindful strategic leadership capacity and gain clarity on the WHY with mentoring, coaching (1-2-1, cohort, team) and brainstorming



GRAVITAS strategic & tactical OFFERINGS

(for Virtual & In-person Leadership)

  1. Build an Executive Presence 

  2. Gain more confidence & style

  3. Transition from a tactical doer to a strategic leader

  4. Make strategic thinking your second habit

  5. Master strategy formulation, planning & execution to avoid strategy-execution gaps 

  6. Be accepted as a global head in a global matrix organization

  7. Master navigating & leading a multi-cultural, multinational Team

  8. Enhance your influence, authenticity & communication 

  9. Build a cohesive team-work & collaborative culture

  10. Be more respected, trusted & valued in your meetings

  11. Curate a culture of growth-mindset 

  12. Figure your purpose and strategic executive voice 

  13. Want to make your silent leaders vocal in the meeting 

  14. Master asking right questions to your TEAM

  15. Want to make invisible organizational gaps visible

  16. Gain a mixture of poise, dignity, style as sensed by others 

  17. Master value creation for customer experience

  18. Master mindful leadership to build resilience & much more..

  19. Master hybrid remote working model

  20. Master strategic change management

  21. Master Resilient Leadership

  22. Master your 'INNER GAME'


(for Virtual & In-person Leadership)

  1. Adopt the best practice of time management 

  2. Effective delegation with empowering capability

  3. Enhance virtual leadership

  4. Master influencing & communication to lead

  5. Build a cohesive Team-Work

  6. Shift the culture from competition to collaboration

  7. Build an emotional intelligence 

  8. Strengthen Top &/or Bottom line of your business

  9. Re-orient TEAM for a higher role

  10. Pivot from a fixed to a growth mind-set

  11. Develop a high performing Leadership team

  12. Master Customer Satisfaction/Experience Management

  13. Master Customer Relationship Management

  14. Master building the culture of resilience

  15. Become a strategically agile leader


(for Virtual & In-person Leadership)

  1. Master Total Quality management

  2. As a Sales Leader strategize double digit profitable business growth

  3. As a HR Leader have a meaningful employee engagement 

  4. Master P&L management

  5. Transition from a local Leader To a Global Leader 

  6. Master Employee Satisfaction Management

  7. Enhance Bottom Line_Improved Business Performance

  8. Adopt an Art of Saying NO

  9. Get rid of group thinking in leadership meetings

  10. Want coaching as both remedial & development tool for your TEAM

  11. Want to shoot up Team's potential by X to the power of X rather than X*X with a well-coached team (X = Team members) 

  12. Master work-life balance

  13. Master ways to embrace the Culture Quotient (CQ)
  14. Anything else you would like to add.. ..


 (for Virtual & In-person Leadership)

  1. Build strategic courage in an age of volatility

  2. Manage Impulsive & abrasive interactions without getting stressed

  3. Master tough conversation

  4. Know your inner 'Operating System' to load applications 

  5. How to be not Fearful while sharing opinion in meetings 

  6. Performing best on solo mode but worst in collaborative mode 

  7. Difficulty in becoming a team player

  8. Difficulty in managing stress

  9. Passing own stress to team

  10. Lack of assertiveness & self-esteem

  11. Reckless in taking critical decisions

  12. ..Any thing else..


Rajal C (Founder and CEO)


A 401, Lotus Aura-2

Sama Savli Road, Vadodara

Gujarat- 390024, INDIA

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