No one can be better at being you than YOU

The word GRAVITAS itself derives from the Latin gravitas suggesting that people who display gravitas are grounded, possess sound judgment and are able to deal with “weighty” issues.


GRAVITAS was one of the ancient Roman virtues that denoted "seriousness". It was rated among the highest of the fifteen virtues needed to attain a reputable position in society. 

So what does GRAVITAS look like in a leadership context? 

An aura of GRAVITAS is a measure of effectiveness of LEADERSHIP !


 it refers to an amalgamation of poise, confidence, respect, authenticity, dignity, responsibility, seriousness, influence, authority, decision power, value, wisdom and much more..

Do you want your leadership Team to radiate GRAVITAS ?


Are you a Leader from any industry, or from a company of any size, who aims to gain true GRAVITAS ?

Do YOU want to ?


  1. Adopt the best practice of Time Management 

  2. Sharpen your delegation & empowering capability

  3. Balance your work-life

  4. Enhance virtual leadership

  5. Build a cohesive Team-Work & Collaborative culture

  6. Strengthen Top &/or Bottom line 

  7. Re-orient for a higher role

  8. Pivot from a fixed to a growth mind-set

  9. Want to shoot up Team's potential by X to the power of X rather than X*X with a well-coached team (X = Team members) 

  10. Master IT Quality management

  11. As a Sales Leader have double digit profitable business growth

  12. As a HR Leader have a meaningful employee engagement 

  13. Master P&L management

  14. Build an Executive Presence 

  15. Gain just confidence & style

  16. Transition from a tactical doer to a strategic leader

  17. Make strategic thinking your second habit

  18. Master strategic planning & execution 

  19. Be accepted as a global head in a Global Matrix organization

  20. Master navigating & leading a multi-cultural, multinational Team

  21. Enhance your influence, authenticity & communication 

  22. Build a cohesive Team-Work & Collaborative culture

  23. Be more respected, trusted & valued in your board meetings

  24. Curate a culture of growth-mindset 

  25.  Figure your purpose and strategic executive voice 

  26.  Build an emotional intelligence

  27.  Gain a mixture of poise, dignity, style as sensed by others 

  28.  Master VUCA sailing 

  29. Pursue true gravitas to cultivate the authentic person inside going beyond superficialities

  30. Anything else .. ..

In that case,

you have knocked upon the right door.


Rajal C (Founder and CEO)


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Gujarat- 390024, INDIA

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