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Francis Meston, Executive VP at ATOS,

Former CEO of global consulting & systems integration service line of ATOS


“She proved to be a fantastic COACH for the Global Team.


She always effectively influenced & promoted a community spirit in a global environment & governance to exceed joint targets year-by-year.

She loves to work collaboratively "

we talk about proven results and so do our clints

Mr. Raju Shah: 


Awarded : A Dream Company to Work For - 3rd year in a row & part of India’s 20 best workplaces in the IT ; at WORLD HRD Congress on 15Feb 2021.

With around 25 years of brilliant transformational leadership experience - at local & global level - under her belt, Rajal brings significant value to the table. She has become the best 'diamond cutter' in the business -- she can take rough diamond and polish it rapidly to reveal its brilliance.

Rajal spends a great deal of time upfront to understand the needs and the culture of the organization. Her business and leadership knowledge coupled with a deep understanding of the human mind has helped our executive team members to be much better positive role models for living our Leadership Principles.


Rajal’s singular vision of investing in people to help organizations thrive...permeated all aspects of support, guidance and engagement offered with her capacity to bring out the best in leaders of today and tomorrow. She challenged our team and they loved working with him. Her disarming approach when addressing challenging leadership questions engaged a wide spectrum of leaders across our organization.


Rajal has had an exceptional impact on the leaders at RISHABH through their keen insights during coaching and her true desire to bring the best out of an individual to achieve a TRIPLE win : Personal-Professional-Business Benefits.”


Entrepreneur & Founder of a successful Start-up at CIIE (the center for innovation incubation and entrepreneurships) of IIM-A (Where I was a Startup Mentor & Jury member)

I came across Rajal in one of the CIIE meeting and was pleasantly surprised to see a professional full of virtues yet so humble, peaceful and fully in control. She was the only one who was in no rush to introduce herself, get noticed, make unnecessary comments or exchange visiting cards. Rather she silently listened, made few comments, I felt compelled to know more about her.


It was challenging period of my life when I needed guidance to manage the challenging situation in the start-up scenario.

Abundantly spiritual Rajal was instinctively kind, patient and profoundly a deeply respected mentor at CIIE to a plenty of people around her, I am fortunate to be among them.


She has a unique style which made me comfortable and open up in my first very session. She is a creative person and thinks out of the box and also brings in a lot of fun to the process of learning.


She brings out a lot of thoughts which were in my subconscious mind and were a hindrance to my being, who or what I am. The coping strategies and information on mindfulness has really helped me deal with my stress.


Having knowledge of so many industries, her uplifting, positive, and fun personality made me connect with her instantly. The initial few sessions were really an eye opener for me, where I discovered a lot of new details about my personality which generally we never realize. She exactly knows what kind of Questions will lead to Answers.

Rajal has given me the gift of helping me change possibility into reality.

Rajal is a brilliant mentor who truly helps you be happier and wiser.

Alpa Shukul- Executive Director, CIVICA India

I started my first individual coaching sessions with Rajal and really cherish the time I spent with her. She has a unique style which made me comfortable and I opened up in my first very session

She was devoted to taking the time to understand my goals, aspirations, challenges and truly dedicated to my success.

These sessions have enabled me to reflect on my own leadership style and to clearly identify areas I need to grow and strengthen to enable me to lead more effectively and helped me take a step back from a frantic pace and evaluate what is currently important. It gives me time to reflect on what is currently on my mind and some head space in which to process this.

Rajal is empathetic, observant, perceptive and a deep person. She has a unique ability to ask targeted questions which have scaffolded my thinking and enabled me to reflect and arrive at my own solutions to challenges. Her thought provoking questions asked subtly, her calm demeanour and her ability to prompt deep reflections, helped me develop fresh perspectives on my professional challenges.

Rajal has also triggered my thoughts to find "true purpose of life " beyond my corporate leadership role.

She has a unique gift and a rare skill—the gift to get beneath the surface issues to identify the core developmental needs that must be resolved for someone to be successful, at both personal & professional level.

In my interactions with her I found that her ability to articulate and communicate with clarity and passion helped create positivism and purpose. She has managed to change the way I think and assess situations, and the effects are clearly visible in my daily work.

Her visualization exercises can be real eye openers. They take you where your heart knows you should be, but your eyes and brain never saw. Extremely powerful.

Ideal for C suite mentoring and coaching, as a strong leader, she is not afraid to challenge the status quo and has this uncanny ability of dissecting an issue and getting to its core quickly.

Rajal is a clear and strategic thinker, sets high standards for self and others, is able to communicate difficult messages with honesty and clarity. She excels on the only metric that matters - She achieves positive, measurable change.

Senior Business Unit Director of a FMCG global Company

(Former customer at ATOS)


My experience of working with GRAVITAS resulted in greater clarity, more effective team work and increased appreciation of organizational purpose and values.

Rajal is a multifaceted individual with a strong professional background having been in senior leadership local & global roles, and she uses that very effectively in leadership development with her viable HALLMARC© framework


 She is adaptive and could modulate her leadership style very well for business objectives. Rajal has a simple, yet powerful approach for helping leaders excel. She brings unforgettable insights and excitement to every encounter and fosters an affirming and productive environment.  As a result, not only does the leader gets better—but entire TEAM gets better.

Rajal has a vast array of skills and she gets to the core of any matter, personal or professional which always enabled her to adapt the coaching sessions to my TEAM’s individual requirements. Rajal is observant, empathizes with people extremely well, and her sincerity in understanding the coachee's emotions and feelings and making the coachee feel as if he/ she is speaking to own inner voice.

She has that rare combination that makes a great mentor too —thought leadership, classroom management, and presence. Rajal brings to this task a deep commitment to excellence, sensitivity, candor, results adding great value.

GRAVITAS proven HALLMARC©  framework has been a real win for us. 

 I explored various nuances of our leadership challenges and some nagging operational strategy issues. I was exuberant about the experience, and we moved this framework across the organization.


Her comfort in self, trust in her skills and faith in the human power makes her live up to the role she plays as a leadership consultant.


Wish her great luck on the journey to make people self-sufficient and believe in themselves.

Dr Mona Shah- A leading senior EndocrInologist

(KOL on panel of leading pharma companies - local & global)


There is a sense of dignity in her presence. Rajal is very poised, diligent and a lively person.


In my 25 years of professional journey, I haven't met anyone as inspiring, thoughtful and genuine as Rajal. I wish I had met her much earlier in my life and could be the leader that I am today.

Rajal’s coaching conversations are always intellectually stimulating and open many windows. Her curiosity enables her to reach the heart of the person enabling them to define their own path. I found solutions to important aspects of my inner self.


She has been amazing in guiding me to recognize my inner strengths and overcome my rigidity and then find solutions to achieve my goals – and I am loving the direct impact it has had on my professional and personal life.


As a result of my coaching session will now enter the field with my best foot forward, turning my knowledge to results for others. Inspiring them and I remember how eagerly I used to wait for my next session, as she made me explore myself, like no one before.

Rajal has the unique ability to convert a challenge to an opportunity. It is because of her, I have learnt to look at life differently and create space for humility. She ignited my dormant fire and passion from within for inspiring myself and others.

There were many such ‘A-ha’ moments which left me mesmerized and in awe of her. I felt empowered with clarity of thought and a sense of direction.

I found her celebrating and acknowledging my strengths and supporting me to build more nuance to my practice.


Coach, friend, guide; Rajal dawns multiple hats. And the most beautiful thing I have experienced is that she seamlessly transitions in and out of these roles while coaching. That’s why she is my "go to" person.


I am immensely grateful to Rajal and she is my self- appointed mentor

Sr. Vice President of an IT Global company

(An Alliance parter of ATOS)


As a leadership coach, and a well-respected leadership consultant, Rajal is a perfect mix of great experience, brilliant methodologies, and a terrific professional style to enable leaders and their teams get results. Her vast international leadership and strategic experience places her at extraordinary instinctive advantage.


 Her engagements (COHORT, Team coaching, 1-2-1 Coachinng) are deep, focused, structured and highly transformational. Her sessions are very intense and interactive, and that is the reason she manages to get you involved deep into the coaching conversation and drive you to the solution quickly. Rajal helps you answer your own questions by asking more. Who’d have thought gaining clarity came from asking the right questions, because we mostly only ever spend our time seeking answers.

Rajal is a change agent and a powerful leader. With her HALLMARC© framework, She turned a well-functioning management team into a high-performance team with her calmness and reassuring with pinches of subtle humor.


As a leader, with little time to process thoughts each day, working with Rajal  has been an invaluable resource to clarify my thinking. Right from my first coaching session, she helped me to clarify my thoughts on my role transition and explore what I needed to do to move forward in a self- reflective style.


   My journey with her has been nothing short of a joy, even in the face of having to make fundamental changes.​​

Johan Taams CEO: Centric (former ATOS CEO & Sr VP :  Netherlands )


Working with GRAVITAS...provided opportunity for our individual and collective purpose to be refined and understood within the bigger...story.” 

Rajal uses HBR leadership methodologies as well as Forbes trending proven practices to deliver context appropriate strategies that engage management team in building tangible takeaways for use in the long and short term.

The depth of Rajal’s coaching style and her broad experience base coupled with strategic mind enables her to tackle any situation with ease and humility.


Through a relaxed and engaging interactive session, Rajal was able to lead our leadership team to a crescendo of clarity about our mission and vision, simply by posing a series of thought-provoking questions and then brainstorming to enable us formulate the strategy. She has a very good understanding of the best practices in the industry, which enabled us find new direction. The session inspired many of us with a fresh revelation of the significance of our function individually and corporately. Rajal helped us understand where each individual fits within the bigger picture of the organization's strategy

Last but not the least she is a very good human! Wishing her success in her endeavours.

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