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      GRAVITAS Guarantee        

 Gain gravitas (desired leadership effectiveness) of your choice 

We work with leaders of today & tomorrow, with our holistic HALLMARK© framework to set an intention on the WHAT, build mindful strategic leadership capacity for the HOW, and gain clarity on the WHY through various interventions like training, mentoring, coaching (1-2-1, cohort, team), brainstorming, consulting, facilitating, masterclass, workshops etc.


  1. By understanding your of desired leadership effectiveness pyramid you curated by selecting combination of offerings from a suit of GRAVITAS Strategic, Tactical, Operational, Foundational and Behavioural coaching offerings and adding your own desired outcomes /goals

  2. By identifying a gap for planned & actual leadership effectiveness  

  3. By choosing the right best management practices from HBR/Forbes, and  tailoring/combining the right coaching methodologies (Dr MGSCC, ICF, Masterful coaching), curate the GRAVITAS HALLMARK© framework to suit your needs

  4. Strengthening managerial & / or leadership muscles through coaching or mentoring within HALLMARK© framework 

  5. Analyzing your learning style and incorporating that into the coaching creative process of the HALLMARK© framework

  6. Applying coaching creative process to your hone mindset & build capacity for lasting success

  • Asking powerful questions to evoke deeper exploration, to be more introspective.

  • Asking meaningful questions to deepen your self-awareness, create greater clarity, possibility or new learning and discovery

  • With mental exercise or role-play (optional) for getting more insights & ideas

7. SMART actions & accountability agreement with tracking

  • Thus as a catalyst with reflecting, thinking and sparring partnership enable you to pursue true gravitas to balance your outside appearance with inside solidity to increase your leadership agility & impact  


This is not applicable for non-coachable** leaders  

** After 3 coaching sessions, if its sensed that the leader is non-coachable, then personality test (MCMI 4) is to be administered to determine to continue coaching or not. 

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