gain gravitas

(Desired leadership effectiveness)

 of your choice 

Here's How it's guaranteed !


this is not applicable for non-coachable** leaders  

  1. By understanding your desired leadership effectiveness outcome from coaching

  2. By identifying a gap for your desired leadership effectiveness  

  3. By choosing the right best management practices from HBR/Forbes, and  tailoring/combining the right coaching methodologies (Dr MGSCC, ICF, Masterful coaching), curate the coaching frame work to suit your needs

  4. Strengthening managerial & / or leadership muscles through coaching within above framework

  5. Analyzing your learning style and incorporating that into the coaching creative process of the framework

  6. Applying creative process to your hone mindset & build capacity for lasting success

  • Asking powerful questions to evoke deeper exploration, to be more introspective.

  • Asking meaningful questions to deepen your self-awareness, create greater clarity, possibility or new learning and discovery

  • With mental exercise or role-play (optional) for getting more insights & ideas

7. SMART actions & accountability agreement with   tracking

  • Thus partnering as a catalyst so you can pursue true gravitas to balance your outside appearance with inside solidity to increase your leadership agility & impact  


YOU can cultivate gravitas of your choice based on substance instead of merely shadow play &

still be YOU

retaining authentic core self and values!!

** After 3 sessions, if its sensed that the leader is non-coachable, then personality test (MCMI 4) is to be administered to determine to continue coaching or not.