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GRAVITAS is a boutique leadership consulting firm.

Rated as one of the TOP 10 Corporate Leadership Development Companies — 2022 by CEO INSIGHTS 

This is an annual recognition that showcases exceptional companies engaged in developing corporate leadership skills and guiding the industry to its future by setting benchmarks across several key parameters

GRAVITAS is focusing on developing mindful strategic leadership capacity in individuals, entrepreneurs, teams, organizations for amplifying leadership impact & agility. It aims to enable leaders learn to be mindful-leaders, to find that equilibrium point where their professional aspirations intersect with their personal well-being. 

GRAVITAS’s top-down approach starts with what’s the leadership development program’s purpose and aims to tap DNA (culture) of the organization with the seamless blending of targeted & in-depth training, mentoring, coaching (1-2-1, cohort, team), brainstorming, consulting, facilitating, masterclass, workshops etc.

The word GRAVITAS itself derives from the Latin gravitas suggesting that people who display gravitas are grounded,

possess sound judgment and are able to deal with “weighty” issues.

GRAVITAS was one of the ancient Roman virtues that denoted "seriousness".

It was rated among the highest of the fifteen virtues needed to attain a reputable position in society. 

An aura of GRAVITAS is a measure of effectiveness of LEADERSHIP 

​ ​ It refers to an amalgamation of poise, confidence, respect, authenticity, dignity, responsibility, seriousness, influence, authority, decision power, value creation, strategic thinking, wisdom and much more..


    Remotely &/or In-personAs a Business LEADER 

Are you valued and respected ? Do you have executive presence ? Are you considered a person of authority ? Do people stop and listen when you speak ? Do you know how to engage and influence others ?  Do others perceive you as strategic ? Is your voice taken seriously ? Did do you curate the right culture ? Do you have a growth mind-set ? Are you an achiever & enabling your team to achieve too ? Do you develop your leadership Team ? Do you have Emotional Intelligence ? and ..?...  Is your..?

IF partial YES or NO, The good news is you can cultivate and enhance your GRAVITAS while retaining your core and values. 

IF you aim to radiate gravitas for yourself or your leadership teams, you have knocked upon the right door.  



GRAVITAS’s hallmark is its framework called HALLMARC©

[Holistic Approach Leveraging Learnings, Mentoring & Realistic Coaching].


Anybody teaming up with GRAVITAS follows this framework.

GRAVITAS transformative HALLMARC© is the success mantra to (●'◡'●) transform leaders with a gentle nudge to untap, unleash and unlock their potential based on their uniqueness and strengths. They not only gain perspectives on how to navigate through current situations but discover their inner resources and build the leadership capacity necessary for long-term success and gain triple win (personal-professional-organizational) benefits while  becoming the best version of themselves.


 They can balance their outside appearance with inside solidity to increase their leadership demonstrable impact & agility.

We believe that leaders achieve their highest potential when the WHAT, HOW, and WHY are all present. Hence we work with leaders of today & tomorrow, with our holistic HALLMARC© framework to set an intention on the WHAT, build mindful strategic leadership capacity for the HOW, and gain clarity on the WHY through various interventions like training, mentoring, coaching (1-2-1, cohort, team), brainstorming, consulting, facilitating, masterclass, workshops etc.

They can pursue true gravitas by reflecting upon their inner selves to cultivate inside solidity based on the substance instead of merely shadow play by going beyond superficialities :

We believe in the old English Proverb 
“Be not deceived with the first appearance of things, for show is not substance.”

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