The word GRAVITAS itself derives from the Latin gravitas suggesting that people who display gravitas are grounded,

possess sound judgment and are able to deal with “weighty” issues.

GRAVITAS was one of the ancient Roman virtues that denoted "seriousness".

It was rated among the highest of the fifteen virtues needed to attain a reputable position in society. 

So what does GRAVITAS look like in a leadership context ? 

An An aura of GRAVITAS is a measure of effectiveness of LEADERSHIP 

​ ​ It refers to an amalgamation of poise, confidence, respect, authenticity, dignity, responsibility, seriousness, influence, authority, decision power, value, strategic, wisdom and much more..


What We Do Different ?

At GRAVITAS - You can curate your desired leadership effectiveness pyramid from a suit of strategic, tactical, foundational, operational and behavioural coaching offerings in line with your culture, mind-set, learning pace, capacity, personality, values and a long term aspiration.
You will be able to balance outside appearance with inside solidity.

YOU can pursue true gravitas of your choice based on the substance instead of merely shadow play & still be YOU - retaining your authentic core self and values !!


At GRAVITAS, We believe in the old English Proverb -

“Be not deceived with the first appearance of things,

for show is not substance.”

“She proved to be a fantastic COACH for the Global Team.


She always effectively influenced & promoted a community spirit in a global environment & governance to exceed joint targets "

Former (GSL) Global CEO


Rajal has had an exceptional impact on the leaders at RISHABH through their keen insights during coaching and her true desire to bring the best out of an individual to achieve a TRIPLE win : Personal-Professional-Business Benefits.”

Mr. Raju Shah,



Awarded : A Dream Company to Work For - 3rd year in a row & part of India’s 20 best workplaces in the IT ; at WORLD HRD Congress

on 15Feb 2021.


    As a LEADER,

Are you valued and respected ? Do you have executive presence ? Are you considered a person of authority ? Do people stop and listen when you speak ? Do you know how to engage and influence others ?  Do others perceive you as strategic ? Is your voice taken seriously ? Did do you curate the right culture ? Do you have a growth mind-set ? Are you an achiever & enabling your team to achieve too ? Do you develop your leadership Team ? Do you ?...  Is your..?

IF partial YES or NO, The good news is you can cultivate and enhance your GRAVITAS while retaining your core and values. 

COACHING can develop GRAVITAS like I did. Refer to my
 Forbes article based on my professional journey to gain GRAVITAS. 

IF you aim to radiate gravitas for yourself 
or your leadership team ? In that case, you have knocked upon the right door.